VR Programmers and Animators Needed!!

  • Los Angeles
  • Freelance

Our VR firm - Fiction Mine - designs virtual retail and entertainment spaces. We're working on a new store for SXSW (march10)that will feature a lot of interactive elements.

Some specific functions we're looking for:

- creating smart VR materials that respond to user data - for instance, a user likes a product and taps a pedestal to like it, the accumulated likes will have an effect on the texture.

- Avatars that can talk to each other - VIOP, connected locally

- Other Avatar functions: see their reflections, pick up objects, move about , try on objects

- Avatars reflected in Ads playing on the walls in the space ie. Players show up when they approach (like a mirror)

- Navigation that doesn’t rely on teleporting

- Manipulating objects ie. Pick up, drop, open, magnify, carry

- Shopping interfaces more native to VR

- user-triggered animations

Animation functions:

- 6 sec commercial of an object on a wall in the space

- object animation for a watch

- different watch mechanisms animated

If interested, please tell us about examples of interactive functionality you’ve worked on previously. Also, feel free to contact us for more info!

Website: www.fictionmine.com


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