Graphic Designer (Adobe & Sketch)

  • Los Angeles, CA (Remote)
  • Full-time

Times Commitment: Full Time (that means 8 hours a day ;-)

Monthly Pay $5,000

Business Title: Chief Designer (You would get a CK email )

Flexible Work Location: Work Remotely or on occasion come into office to create with CEO. (Flexible)

Position: 1099- Independent Contract Designer (No benefits) But you get ALL the tax benefits!

We are based in Los Angeles Ca (Woodland Hills Area) is where our office is located

 Check out our Product Video:

We make Hardware and Software!

  About Us

CK is a well-known fast-growing startup company with supportive investors and high market demand for our technology. We’ve invented the most advanced Cloud-Based Hardware and Software suite of products to manage all types of Commercial Property Access Control. CK products are built to be a “best-in-class technology.” We design and engineer all of our hardware products in-house with a high-quality “Apple Style” look and feel. We are serious about innovation, cutting edge technology, high-quality products, superior service, and outstanding support. (We are looking for another Jedi to join our team)

CK is known as the “RING” for commercial property access due to our HD video access entry system known as the “Cloud Screen.” It replaces the OLD CALL BOX INTERCOM systems in front of Apartments, Gated Communities and College Dorms. We give all the residents in the property our Free CK mobile app to download so wherever they are in the world, they get a Video call to their cell phone when someone is at the front door or front gate of their community. The resident can then open that Door, Gate or Garage with their CK Mobile app to give access to their guest. However, the Cloud Screen is only one of our amazing technologies. We have a wide range of other commercial property access control product offering our commercial clients a full spectrum of access control from the cloud such as parking access, office access, corporate property, RF access using Bluetooth, Mobile Access to open every door, and much much more.


Skills you’ll need:

●     We prefer a clean, modern, minimalistic style. We like the Apple look and feel (we are the same on out hardware)

●     Programs we create in: Adobe, Sketch etc..

●     The desire to dive headfirst into an early-stage tech startup environment with a fast pace, demanding investors and CEO, tight deadlines. (Not for the weak and fragile personalities;-)

●     Ability to follow CEO design and creative instructions (With your spin and input as well)

●     Can you make installation diagrams that we hand draw? Infographic style flows with Symbols and pictures we can source from the internet? We will make Layouts for our hardware install guide. We don’t want it to look like every other ugly install guide. We have examples.

●     Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills. You should be a great listener.

●     The courage to challenge the status quo when logic and reason require it.

●     Flexibility - things change around here - FAST.


What we have in place:

●     We have a BIG Source File for many things to make marketing

●     We have many examples of completed design material to look at so you can get out look and feel.

●     We will do all the writing and text.  (Bonus points if you can read what you are cutting and pasting to correct mistakes)

●     We have a Style Guide with fonts, color chart, texture, logos, Icons, etc already created.. (This could use and quick updates too)  

 Projects with Top Priority:

●     Update the Style Guide (easy)

●     Marketing Flyer(s) for NEW: Cloud Lock, Cloud Screen, CVR unit, Etc

●     “Time to Upgrade Fyer / Marketing Campaign

●     Cloud Lock Install Guide, (infographic, symbols, lines, “we write all the text”

●     Cloud Screen Install Guide,

●     Cloud Reader Install Guide,

 The Perks of Working with our Team:

●     We pay fast, we pay fair, we pay on time and we pay bonus when you don’t expect it and kick ass!  “We take case of those who take care of us.”

●     We are honest, etherical and the owner’s word is bond.

●     We are not flaky, if we promise something, we deliver

●     We are not cheap, if you need photo stock or other resources, we’ll get it for you to help you be more productive.

Contact us to be considered for an interview:

●     Sand a link of your design work “shaner AT CloudKeyz dot Com”

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