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About Wavecut

Wavecut is a company structuring the world's audio, enabling a deeper connection to sound and voice.

Wavecut started when the the two co-founders, both with a deep love for music, tried to solve a few pain points they had experienced in the music creation process. But as we dove deeper into this problem space, we realized something: expression and consumption via audio/sound has not benefited from tech in the same way photos/videos/text has.

Wavecut believes that just as creation and consumption of photos and video exploded in the past decade, the next ten years will see audio creation and consumption grow in a similar manner. Wavecut wants to be the driving force for this growth.

Wavecut's first product is a social network that helps musicians to connect, share, and find samples for their music. This was inspired by:

  • The role of music producers as power users of audio consumption, creation, and sharing.
  • Our 10+ years of experience at Facebook, and seeing just how powerful a network of social connections can be for ingesting and structuring data.
  • Our passion, knowledge, and deep network in the music industry.

Going forward, Wavecut will build a structured understanding of how sounds map to each other, to people, and to communities. This structured knowledge will be in service of creating an auditory “layer”, powering the next generation of technologies and services that rely much more heavily on sound and voice.

The shift towards audio prominence is already starting to happen. Airpods, Alexa, Google Home, and Fortnite are heavily or primarily Audio or voice based, and AR+VR is quickly emerging. Just like previous platforms, thousands of software businesses and products will be built on top of those eco-systems. This is just the beginning.

The Design Role

You will be the first design hire tackling the difficulty of translating audio into a visual interface. We are looking for a partner to share and contribute to our vision of the future of audio, search, identity, and sharing through the lens of Design. You are experienced in the full design stack from user experience flows to mocks to final UI design. Bonus if you have experience in branding and visual design.

About You

You're passionate about audio, and the deep meaning it evokes within people. You are thoughtful and intellectually engaged with your work. You are willing to come to the table with ideas you are passionate about and equally able to rally behind alternative visions. You have experience working in a startup and have grown the resilient and gritty skin necessary to start with an early stage company. Experience in audio or music a bonus, but not required.

Email dave@wavecut.io if you're interested! Please include a few sentences about why you're interested in working on structuring audio/why you think it's important. Thanks!

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