Product Designer

  • San Francisco
  • Full-time

We all know the problems with Email. We get too much. We’re overwhelmed. We're addicted. We're often misunderstood. However, there are good parts too. Email lets recipients respond on their own schedule, favoring the important over the urgent. Email is an open network where anyone can email anyone else. And conversations are defined by the topic, not the people in them – keeping things focused.

We're in the midst of a transition. More and more of our communication is being taken over by real-time tools that favor immediacy over everything else. We believe email is a necessary counterbalance in this world. And that email will be abandoned if its long-standing problems are not fixed.

So, we started a company to save email. We believe email can be saved by leaning into what email is great at, and by designing for human connection and expression. We don’t have all the answers yet but we do have top tier investors, experience, and a plan.

We are looking for a humble, curious, rigorous thinker to join us as our second Product Designer. You will be responsible for leading end-end design on major features in our new email product – a product that you would use yourself every day. If working on a problem this large sounds exciting, we'd love to hear from you.

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