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Discord is a thing where you yell at your friends and play games.
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Product Designer

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Full-time

Imagine this: It’s the middle of winter. You’re ice skating on a freshly frozen lake that no one has skated on yet. Except your skates are made of butter. And the lake is also made of butter. And as you skate, you yourself morph into a giant butter person.

That’s how smooth we want to make our UI. If you’re interested in joining a passionate team of designers and gamers that are designing features that will be used by millions of gamers across the world, come help us do that. Also please bring some toast. We have hella butter.

Discord is a small group of passionate gamers whose mission is to bring people together around games. Diversity and inclusiveness are a critical part of how we get there. We believe that with diversity comes a better product, better decisions, and a better work environment. Everyone here is committed to making Discord representative of the world we want to live and play in.

What you'll be doing

  • Embedding in a product team and partnering with engineers, product managers and data scientists to oversee the user experience of a product from concept to launch — and then continue to improve it after it releases to millions of gamers
  • Mixing your visual, UX, and interaction design skills to design valuable features for our users
  • Understanding business needs and connecting them with design decisions that can be articulated in individual or group settings
  • Fostering a culture of design

What you should have

  • Minimum of 2 years experience with designing and shipping a web/app product for a variety of devices and platforms
  • Strategic product thinking and vision. You’re more concerned with the “why” than the “how”
  • Self-motivation to find answers
  • Excitement to dig into experiment data to help inform design iterations and whether something should ship
  • A level of craft and attention to detail
  • Experience with Figma or Sketch

Bonus Points

  • Experience building and maintaining design systems
  • Interface animations know-how
  • Mad CSS, JavaScript, React skillz
  • We could really use a Reinhardt main
  • You’re not allergic to dairy. Hella butter.
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Discord Discord
Discord is a thing where you yell at your friends and play games.
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