Senior Product Designer

  • Portland, Or
  • Full-time


Based in Portland, Ride Report is a six-person software company building tools to help cities make transportation more equitable, efficient and sustainable.

We believe cities are our future. One of the most powerful transformations will come when cities put the needs of people above the needs of vehicles. This simple shift in how we design and share the right of way will profoundly reshape the fabric of our cities, making them more equitable, sustainable and just a lot nicer to live in.

Technology has a role to play in this transformation, but we believe that cities must be the ones controlling it. Only cities are equipped to manage a system that maximizes public benefit by ensuring that every citizen, every need and every perspective is considered. Like cities, we believe technology must balance the needs of individual citizens with the collective. We believe systems work better when they're designed to serve everyone equitably. Cities may need to evolve, but we believe in the sanctity and leadership of city governments in getting us there.

Ride Report began in 2015 with a simple set of tools to help cities use data to make planning decisions that are faster, smarter, and more responsive to road user's lived experiences. More recently, cities have used Ride Report to help manage the explosion in new transportation alternatives from electric bikes to scooters and everything in between. More than twenty cities around the world use Ride Report's comprehensive toolset to manage their bike infrastructure and the fleets that use it. Whether it's deciding where the next bike lane is needed or what to do about that scooter stuck in a tree, cities use Ride Report's dashboard to make efficient, data-driven decisions in an ever-changing landscape. With your help, we'll give cities the data and tools they need to ensure we're building a better transportation system that works for everyone.

Learn more about our mission and values in our open source handbook. If it sounds like the right fit, we'd love to hear from you!

We think the best teams are diverse and inclusive. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. We welcome applications from women, people of color, and other groups that are underrepresented in tech.


In the role of designer, you will help us make our products simpler, more powerful and more refined.

You’ll join a team that:

  • Is small but planning ahead to grow quickly and gracefully.
  • Values equity by sharing information transparently, seeking to include every perspective and balancing the needs of individuals versus the collective.
  • Practices delivering feedback in a direct, non-violent and strategic manner that fosters active collaboration and excellent work.
  • Communicates often and anticipates changing priorities and requirements.

You will help us build:

  • Maps, reporting tools and historical data visualizations that empower and radically simplify the workflow for city employees.
  • Stronger empathy and a better understanding of our customer's needs through user research.
  • A design system that scales to a diverse set of city needs and input data.
  • A bold, consistent brand and design voice.
  • Website and marketing materials that speak to our customer's needs.
  • Company processes that help us move quickly and scale as we grow.
  • A small company with an outsized impact making cities better.

You'll do the following:

  • Sweat the details
  • Research and consider the needs of our city customers
  • Collaborate closely with engineers, product managers and our customer success team
  • Prototype interactions and animations
  • Distill complex information into simple designs
  • Work iteratively, exploring multiple directions for our products
  • Make product decisions that weighs short term and long term business needs
  • Work outside your comfort zone, tackling a range of tasks from developing a design system to production design
  • Support our mission and align with our core beliefs

This is a position based in Portland, Oregon. Relocation assistance will be offered to non-local candidates.


Ride Report offers every employee the following benefits:

  • Ride Report offers the same competitive salary for every employee in this role. Learn more about why we don't negotiate our salaries.
  • Generous equity incentives
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Competitive health insurance plans
  • A 401k program that matches 50% of employee contributions up to the 10% of their salary
  • An electric bike subsidy program
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