Visual Designer (Motion, Graphic, UI)

  • Bangalore
  • Full-time

Who and what of Razorpay

Razorpay is a gathering of folks from various walks of life. We have suave designers, magical engineers, sales hustlers & calm-as-rock customer champions. Together we are trying to bring modern technology into the backbone of the internet and that's online payments. We believe that someone is doing his/her job all wrong if our customers have to tear their hair over accepting payments online.

In three years we have gone from nothing to a full-fledged, modern and robust converged payments solution. Our customers swear by our tech and UX, and we are ecstatic to see people enjoy the results of our fanatic focus on making payments simple and accessible. We provide the smoothest payment experience that money can buy right now in India. With a marquee list of investors, cash in bank and a low burn rate, we are here for years to stay, to lead and demonstrate how payments should be.

And you are?

Someone who believes that good design has a critical role in solving every problem. You know design is not just how things look and feel, but also how every process evolves. Even mundane processes from the daily life can be made easier with a better design. You love products and have great creative skills. You want to own and be responsible for designing and driving products to completion. You religiously follow Buxton’s rule of producing at least 3 alternatives for every design decision. You respect the grid and hate all the half pixel aligned icons.

Now that you know us and we know you, let's talk about the culture you can expect at Razorpay.

The Culture

We treat all our employees as adults. We think that you can do your best with a freedom to experiment, sense of ownership of your work, license to fail and when you have peers who care just as much as you about their art. We default to transparency because everyone can contribute to anything, and it's only possible if you get to know what's going on. We prefer to mingle with the community through meetups and conferences on topics as broad as daylight. And at the end of the day, we accept that we are humans, fallible to error, learning through errors together. After all, there's comedy in error too.

We believe in having the best tools for the job. We are happy paying customers of Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision, GitHub, Principle and Slack, some of the most important tools in our workflow.

Hey designer, what will you get to work on?

Hey designer, what will you get to work on?

As a Visual Designer, you will:

  • Design gorgeous visual collaterals for social media campaigns.
  • Work on Illustration and graphics for Razorpay products and website.
  • Provide quality creative direction to the product and business teams whenever required.
  • Create branding projects from the ground up and deliver them end to end.
  • Strategize, develop, and extend the visual design systems and pattern libraries by coming up with new and innovative solutions which enhance the Razorpay brand.
  • Work closely with cross-disciplinary teams including Product, Engineering, Marketing and various Business teams to deliver amazing customer experiences.
  • Evangelise design and creative thinking within and outside the organisation.
  • Brainstorm and create new directions that help enhance UI on our diverse suite of products.
  • Create delightful animations and motion graphics as part of our products, website, marketing campaigns and blogs.


What do we expect from you?

As a Visual Designer, we expect you to have:

  • Professional experience in designing brand elements, illustrations and graphics, editorial layouts and applications for web, desktop and mobile.
  • Experience with branding projects, marketing campaigns, designing websites, emailers and social media collaterals.
  • Good understanding of design patterns, colour theory, typography, illustrations and iconography.
  • Experience in designing infographics and a strong grasp of visualising data.
  • Experience with print, banner and flex designs.
  • A good grasp of how to structure information well and churn out gorgeous interfaces.
  • Ability to generate clear ideas, concepts and designs of creative assets from beginning to end.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other designers and the marketing team to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception and customer-experience.
  • Ability to translate business and marketing requirements into designs that are visually crisp, easy to use, and emotionally engaging.
  • Thorough knowledge of the latest standards, changes, trends in visual and graphic design.
  • Expert skills in graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Sketch.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.


Apart from these, it would be great to have a few of the following as well, but we accept that you can be an absolutely great designer even without these:

  • Video editing skills using premiere pro or similar tools.
  • Experience with Motion Design tools like After Effects.
  • Knowledge of tools like Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya
  • Experience working with prototyping tools like Invision, Principle.
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