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I don’t know your name.

I don’t know where you’re from.

If you’re here on the Ramsey Solutions website looking for work, you’re probably looking for a push of some sort.

A kick of inspiration.

A community.

A change.


I’m not sure.

But if you’re here, you’re looking for something.

If you’re just looking for a J-O-B or the next good “opportunity” to move up the career ladder, this is probably not for you.  

But if you’re looking for something different, maybe it’s here on our Creative Team.

Let me tell you a little more about us to help you decide.

We have put together a Creative Team that is bigger than the sum of its parts. We are on a mission to change the world. Money problems, marriage problems, career problems, and life problems are strangling the creativity of everyday people and businesses.

 We want to CHANGE that culture. We HAVE to. It has to stop.

 We want people to be free from the chains of these problems so they can do what they were meant to do.

Our mission to change the world isn’t easy. We experience resistance every day because what we believe is absolutely countercultural. We’re weird. We actually hate debt. We actually cut up our credit cards . . . like, for real. We don’t use them in our entire business. We don’t use debt. Period. Some of us are still fighting our way out of it, but we aren’t going back in. If you don’t know much about Ramsey Solutions or our founder Dave Ramsey, go watch a bunch of these videos and then come back and finish reading.

Our Creative Team has over 100 designers, writers, editors, project managers, video editors, and creative directors who all want to help people take control of their money and their lives.

This isn’t just a job. It’s a mission.

And we need more help.

But this mission isn’t for everyone.


It’s hard. And most people don’t have what it takes.

But . . . if your heart skips a little beat as you read this and you’re thinking, I want to know more, keep reading.

 Here is what I need you to know if you want to be on this Creative Team.

You cannot think you are the coolest creative in the world. You must be humble. You must be hungry. You must be people-smart.

 You must have a great attitude and be able to partner and build relationships with the people you’re working with.

You must be able to show your work on a website of some sort that is easy to navigate. (It’s funny how many web designer applicants don’t have good websites.)

You must have some natural charisma and magnetism—meaning you’ve figured out your personality strengths and know how to use them to be influential. Being on this Creative Team is about influence and passion, not position.

You must be a great listener and learner who always asks questions.

You must be able to take feedback well.

You must never give up trying to find the best answer but be able to ship something when it’s time and move on.

You must be confident and comfortable in your own skin. We call it self-awareness.

You must work well with others. It’s not all about you; it’s about the team.

You must realize that there is no they. There is only us.

You must be GREAT at your discipline—whether it’s writing, designing, branding, UX, editing or managing projects—and know how to use both the foundational and the latest tools that go along with it.

You must be able to see the big picture and make sure everything works well together.

You must show up, work hard, and be kind.

There are obviously many more things to get into, but the things I listed above are all the things that make our team special. We must have these attributes if we are going to cause real change in people’s lives. And that is our mission.

Each role on our team has its own specifics and requirements, but here is a broad overview of the different position levels.

Associate Level: These people are the freshest on our team, either just out of college or just getting started in their careers.

 Level 1: These folks have a couple years of experience in their field and are learning everything they can to become better team members and people.

Level 2: These creatives have a few more years of experience under their belt and are starting to be looked at as great resources to our team.

Senior Level: These people have five or more years of experience, are some of the most skilled in their discipline, and serve as an example for other team members. 

Creative Director Level: These folks have eight or more years of experience in their discipline and a few years of leadership experience as well.

It moves up from there.

As we talk, we can get into more of the specifics.

If you read all that and you think it sounds fantastic, please apply! We’ll take a look at your work and see if it’s what we're looking for. If it’s not, don’t be discouraged. It’s just not the kind of work we’re looking for at this point.

Thanks for reading all this, and I look forward to seeing your work!



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