UX Designer

  • Location Kelowna, BC Canada
  • Full-time

The Hyper Hippo User Experience (UX) Designer will make all Hyper Hippo games feel amazing and delight our players. It will be the UX Designer’s role to hold our major titles to a higher standard of graphic design. The UX Designer will work collaboratively with game designers and producers, and provide leadership in UI/UX design to the entire team!

  • Work with the production team to help them understand, then implement the best possible user experience, balancing development cost vs. player needs!
  • Work with everyone!

Simply, do whatever it takes to make our games awesome! But wait, there’s more…we also need you to create assets for social media and marketing campaigns, establish style guides and set the direction for our brands.  Yes, we want you to be uber creative!

Does this Describe You?

  • Enjoys collaborating with a small, creative team, but can work independently
  • Excellent communicator, able to express thoughts clearly both verbally and written
  • Creative is your middle name…or is it Danger?
  • Self sufficient, a motivated self starter; able to work without supervision
  • Values simplicity and practical solutions over sophistication and complexity
  • Uses speed and rapid iteration over long planning cycles
  • Ability to adopt a big vision, run with it, and figure out the nitty gritty details
  • Quick thinking, solution oriented, and creative problem solving skills
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Adaptable and flexible (yes, we said that twice)
  • Enjoys games and apps (mobile,web, console, Steam, etc.) and fig bars
  • Keeps up with current mobile trends. You are actively playing all of the top games to gather more examples of best practices.


  • Demonstrate player experiences with complete user flows that include edge cases
  • Layout screens with appropriate UI
  • Communicate scenarios, end-to-end experiences, interaction models, and screen designs
  • Develop and maintain interactive wireframes, mockups, and create visual assets as needed
  • Create user interfaces from start to finish including flows, sketches, wireframes, mockups, specifications and final assets
  • Maintain usability and aesthetic consistency through carefully selected typography, layout and interaction standards
  • Work closely with developers to ensure optimum production efficiency and user experience
  • Conduct internal office playtests and external playtests
  • Use A/B tests to validate assumptions
  • Understand and communicate brand attributes
  • Create materials that align with brand and business strategy; such as key brand visuals (logo, color, typography etc.) and style guide

What You Bring to Hyper Hippo:

  • 3+ years experience as a graphic designer, preferably working in a team environment
  • Experience creating interactive wireframes and making revisions based on feedback
  • Experience laying out UI and screens
  • Experience creating visual assets
  • Killer knowledge of UI and UX best practices
  • STRONG working knowledge of design software such as Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision

Apply online, or chat directly with the recruiter about the role: dana@hyperhippo.ca

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