Associate Creative Director, Design

  • New York
  • Full-time

You are an Associate Creative Director.

You have worked hard for the last 10 years on refining your understanding of all things design, creative execution, and visual communication. You know that design is the combination of art and communication and you love both with an obvious and infectious passion. You are a craft expert and can talk design as well as deliver top-level work.

You are a people person and care not only about the work that comes from your team but also the people that make that work happen. Phenomenal designers of all levels want to work with you because you make a positive difference in their careers. Teams want to be around you because they know you understand that true problem solving is a group effort.

You are magic with clients because you speak honestly and with a distinct point of view on the solutions that have a real impact on their businesses. Your wide range of experiences from agency to product and back again, inform how you work and how you communicate the best ideas to the right people.

Most meaningfully, you value a balanced work life and have a need to better yourself in your craft and career, are generous with your time and ideas, and you understand that this is a team sport that requires the best coaches to empower the best players.

We are so excited to meet you, you sound awesome and a lot like our co-workers and clients. Drop us a line and see where the conversation goes.

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