mobile ux/ua/ui webapp design

  • US

Looking for a proposal from a single designer (not an agency) to complete a mobile ux/ua/ui project. This is a mobile-only web app hosted on Wordpress


  • You are located WITHIN 5 HOURS OF New York time
  • You completely understand North American language, communication, humor, customs, and culture
  • You are very familiar with, and understand the issues, challenges, intentions, behaviors, and success factors in designing for:
  • mobile ux/ua/ui for WEB (not phone apps)
  • calls to action on mobile
  • marketing funnels
  • content marketing
  • landing pages

If so, and you are interested in this project, please send me a link to your portfolio of mobile work at If we move forward we will share with you the detail related to the app, industry, content domain, and categories etc

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