Job Details

Rockstar Motion Designer/Animator

We’re looking for a rockstar motion designer/animator to join our multidisciplinary team. You’ll find a home in a family of creative hybrid problem solvers, working on impactful projects across the globe. We have some immediate projects coming up and would love to put your storytelling talent into action, collaborate side by side and make things happen — hopefully long-term. We’re looking for someone who loves:

  • Telling stories through motion, animation and/or video to inspire people and action.
  • Collaborating with creative people across strategy, design, and storytelling to elevate work.
  • Human-centered design — if you want to make things look pretty for the sake of being pretty, we’re not the right team. Most of our projects have visionary, sometimes futuristic goals and we’d love an all-rounder creative to help scale ideas and tell stories.
  • To take the lead on projects but is not afraid to ask for support. 
  • To say Yes and make things happen!

At the minimum, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • English speaking (ideally native English speaker)
  • Ambitious, energetic and believes in the power of collaboration 
  • Strong communicator, conceptual thinker and design skills 
  • We use Adobe products, so you'd be expected to use all the usual stuff (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere)
  • Human-centered — our work affects people! 
  • Inspiring and inspired! 
  • Yes mentality and speed
  • Strong portfolio 
  • Dog lover 
  • Able to work in Germany and can collaborate in Munich

If you're looking to join a talented team, have fun while working hard, and do good for the world, please send us your portfolio! We can’t wait to meet you. High Fives!