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Job Details

Junior Product Designer (SaaS)

As Eisenhower said, “Plans are useless, but planning is everything”. Francis is a SaaS tool for financial planning and everything related to it that enables the C-level in SMEs to plan their future. With Francis, we want to take every SMB out of the rigid workflows of Excel, and into a well-designed SaaS tool, ultimately to open the world of possibilities that comes with a smart, flexible and automated budget. 

If you’re a passionate UI/UX designer who’s entrepreneurial at heart and wants to experience a venture journey, we’d love to have you onboard! The founding team consists of a serial entrepreneur, a former McKinsey consultant/SaaS CFO and a Lead Engineer with over 20 years of experience. Our vision is to empower all the SMB CFOs out there with a supercharged tool for financial planning and analysis. We need a Junior Product Designer to help us “think through design”, by constantly exploring different UI possibilities. 

Your role:

As a Junior Product Designer, you’ll have to study our demography to better understand the needs of a CFO. You’ll have to constantly iterate on the product and explore different ways the same feature can be built, so we can test them before implementing them. As a Junior Product Designer in a fintech startup, you’ll probably feel that things move quickly, but we promise you this: you’ll learn more in this junior role than almost any other junior position and we’ll support you on your personal journey throughout the process.

Concrete activities

On the short term, we imagine that you’d be executing on activities like:

  • Iterate on the product design
  • Participate in meetings with actual customers and/or interviewees to get insights
  • Iterate on our mapped user journey with insights
  • Etc.

How we work:

We're a 100% remote team. We believe in agile principles, we like to listen to Marty Cagan and Teresa Torres and love to read business literature around IT, agile and lean. We believe that too many features are being developed without having problem/solution fit and that some of the biggest mistakes that startups are doing, can be prevented by de-risking early in the process through design. Even though we love agile, we believe that in 2021, the primary measure of progress isn’t working software, but validated learnings – learnings that rightly so can be validated through working software, but in many cases can be validated faster and cheaper through design. Because of this, we work with both a product discovery and product delivery track, so that we de-risk our feature requests by validating them through research, before we even consider developing them.


Submit your application to and please reach out to August Gjede at or +4531565902 in case you have any questions. After the initial screening we will conduct a telephone interview followed by a remote interview.