Job Details

UI Designer (midweight)

Core attributes:  

  • You are a UI expert with a knowledge of how UX and research drives a project.  
  • You have broad knowledge and deep understanding of digital design methodologies, best practice, techniques and tools.  
  • A visual thinker with an industry leading design eye, capable of creating both low-fi sketches and pixel-perfect visual designs.  
  • An empathetic designer, you think about the end user at all times.  
  • A strong ability for translating new brand identities into digital experiences.  
  • You design for systems, not for screens in isolation. 
  • You are experienced in building digital design systems for new brands.

Some of your technical skills:

  • Figma
  • Sketch
  • XD
  • Creative suite
  • Wireframing and workshop tools (Miro, Mural, FigJam, etc
  • Prototyping tools (Figma, InVision, Protopie, Principle, Framer, etc)
  •  No code development platforms (Webflow, animaapp, Elementor, Editor X, etc)
  • Animation skills (After effects, Lottie, etc)

Reimagine the future with us.

DixonBaxi is a group of creatives, building beautiful, fiercely original brands that transform organisations. We work on the scale of revolution, pushing ourselves and our clients to remain skeptical of normal. We are designing a brave new future. And we’re looking for a designer to join our team.

Who you are.

You are a mid level UI designer with a few great digital projects behind you and 2-4 years experience. You design with the end user at heart, using design thinking to guide your approach in building exceptional experiences. You are ready for more: more responsibility, more experimentation, more of a challenge and more room to grow. You’re fired up about what you do because you believe you can change the world for the better.

Not only are you able to create beautiful and innovative designs, but you have a deep knowledge of UI design principles with an understanding of UX. You have a passion for translating new brands into living products that empower our audiences. You understand how user insights drive these great products and ultimately enhance the brand experience.

You’ll be used to working collaboratively within the team, and be able to ideate and iterate quickly, helping us build robust design systems that work to empower our clients. So it is important that you excel in these types of collaborative environments. You would be joining a team of multi disciplinary creatives, and report directly to one of our Design Directors.

You love crafting exceptional work from brilliant ideas, and can clearly articulate how those ideas lead to a final design and product. You have an eye for things that are new and exciting, from art and music to technology and business.

You will be able to hit the ground running, working at a high level in an ambitious and supportive studio environment. You understand the essentials of our craft and are not afraid to wield them bravely.

Key traits.

These are just some of the skills we would expect for this level to have (mid weight UI designer). We know that brilliance comes in many forms and our minds are always open.

  • You have the ability to forge strong designer - developer relationships and have experience in preparing design for developer hand over.  
  • You have a clear understanding of design thinking and how it helps to drive a project. 
  • You are driven by finding solutions to exciting problems.
  • Your thoughts are not bound by convention. You are brimming with originality and new creative ideas and approaches. You invent new, original ideas that solve the brief.
  • You manage your time effectively, maintain responsibility for your projects and ensure they always run smoothly.
  • You're able to lead internal internal workshops.
  • You love what you do.

Who we are.

We believe that in a world of rapid change, there has never been a greater need to future-proof brands. We’re trusted by Hulu, Audible, AT&T, ViacomCBS, V&A, British Land, Capital One, Premier League, WWE, IMAX, Konami, Channel 4, Eurosport, Netflix and AC Milan. Brands that seek to be brave and challenge convention.

From London to the world.

From our London studio, we collaborate with brands and in-house creative teams across the globe. We’re proud to have a highly talented, cross-functional team of creative people with diverse perspectives from all over the world. It makes for a rich, vibrant, open environment full of ideas, opinions, and experience.

We love our studio and being in it together. Based in N1 London, we are currently working in the studio every Wednesday and Thursday and are finding our new rhythm as we transition post lockdown, embracing change but relishing the energy of working IRW.