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by Jim Silverman

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Android Weather App

i know. i know. another weather app using @Adam Whitcroft's amazing Climicons. this one's different i swear. there seems to be a serious lack of acceptable ...

February 22, 2013

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Best Western Facebook App

full view attached. simplified best western's full site for their facebook app to create a more focused experience.

June 26, 2012

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Day n' Night

June 15, 2012


mCommerce - Wireframing Swatches

swatches are a really big deal for this client, so they're getting big ass swatches in a slider and a swatch dropdown menu.

March 20, 2012


Set Sale!

trying a tile-approach homepage for a major fashion retailer's mobile web site.

March 15, 2012


Toys for Boys

some sweet navigation for a toy store's mobile homepage.

January 19, 2012