1. Devices devices flat responsive
  2. Coding Fridays logo coding fridays ribbon
    Coding Fridays
  3. Shutter eye shutter eye logo blue purple
    Shutter eye
  4. Coaster coaster jazz night identity
  5. Cyrus - Bot bot robot macintosh bmo
    Cyrus - Bot
  6. Subcultura for iPhone subcultura iphone mockup
    Subcultura for iPhone
  7. UI Kit ui kit dark css3
    UI Kit
  8. 404 Subcultura 404 subcultura green planet space
    404 Subcultura
  9. Subcultura University subcultura green university
    Subcultura University
  10. Octopus octopus pixel pixelart subcultura
  11. Quoting the Joker quote joker
    Quoting the Joker
  12. Cyrus - Task list task ui assistant
    Cyrus - Task list
  13. Cyrus - Day planner ui task management home app assistant
    Cyrus - Day planner
  14. Mockup for meneame mockup meneame ui web design
    Mockup for meneame
  15. Polaroid Cat cat logo illustration
    Polaroid Cat
  16. Discarded logo logo discarded green minimalism
    Discarded logo
  17. Logo logo blue
  18. Recipes recipe kitchen vintage webdesign
  19. Punk punk logo vintage
  20. Astronaut astronaut chimp
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