July 30, 2018

04/30 Thirty logos Challenge. Here is the brief: Ping is a growing chat platform for businesses and small teams. Some of our biggest competitors are Slack and Skype. What sets us apart is that we offer major features like group screen s...

Twitchy Rabbit

April 13, 2018

03/30 Thirty logos Challenge. Redesign Twitchy Rabbit logo from their original mascot artwork. Twitchy Rabbit is an email marketing platform similar to MailChimp.

The Grind Coffee Shop

March 12, 2018

02/30 Thirty logos Challenge. Design a logo for a small coffee shop chain located in Seattle, WA.

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February 26, 2018

01/30 Thirty logos Challenge. Design a logo for "Space", below is the brief info: Space is a shared office space that allows freelancers and small startup companies have a stunning office to work out of without paying the big bucks to ...

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