1. Daily UI #004 - Calculator design app mortgage calculator calculator dailyui004 dailyuichallenge ui dailyui
    View Daily UI #004 - Calculator
    Daily UI #004 - Calculator
  2. Daily UI #003 - Landing Page web design 30 day challenge landing page design ui dailyuichallenge dailyui
    View Daily UI #003 - Landing Page
    Daily UI #003 - Landing Page
  3. Search and Filter shopping ux design ui filters search results filter search
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    Search and Filter
  4. Daily UI #002 - Credit Card Checkout app credit card checkout dailyui dailyuichallenge design ui
    View Daily UI #002 - Credit Card Checkout
    Daily UI #002 - Credit Card Checkout
  5. Daily UI #001 - Sign Up website ui design flat dailyuichallenge dailyui sign up
    View Daily UI #001 - Sign Up
    Daily UI #001 - Sign Up
  6. Team Task Manager team project manager task manager app flat design ux ui
    View Team Task Manager
    Team Task Manager
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