I see you. I'm here for you.

February 27, 2017

Pay attention to your struggling neighbors. Stand up for them and with them. Actively show your support and love.

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You are Fabulous

September 29, 2016

Sometimes you need a little reminder that you are indeed fabulous.

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Congrats on starting HRT!

September 11, 2016

My good buddy asked me to letter this for a friend, and I was so touched to be able to help them celebrate this special occasion. Congrats to all of you lovely humans who are going through a similar transition. <3

I'm Sorry You Had to Deal with That Racist Asshole

July 20, 2016

To all of my fellow POC. I see you, I love you and I'm sorry for all of the nonsense in the air.

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Congrats on Coming Out

July 12, 2016

Coming out is hard to do, and you don't ever do it just once. Congrats to all of the lovely humans out there who are taking that leap.