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by Jeffrey Kalmikoff

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You're killing me, smalls.

Been seeing this a bit more than usual lately, so figured I'd throw together this little how-to so I don't have to ever look at corner-humps ever again. Shi...

November 03, 2012

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Social Grid

Putting together a little somethin' for Joshua Davis's "Social Grid" project:

September 29, 2012

Dead things

Hey Mikey... gotta go to the bathroom?

Putting some more stuff together for a personal project.

September 01, 2012



Challenged myself to knock out a finished illustration in a couple hours on Saturday – it's been a while since I just did something for the sake of it. The "...

August 06, 2012


The Axe

Just playing around in photoshop, severely jet-lagged. Just for fun, I decided to make something inspired by the song lyrics of what I was listening to at th...

July 23, 2012

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