WMC Fest

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WMC Fest Badge Collection

The full collection of WMC Fest badges are up! Show off your affiliation with the awesomest music and design fest in the Midwest.

May 17, 2012


Weapons of Mass Creation Journal

Custom journals for WMC Fest VIPs and attendees - made by Bound Custom Journals

May 15, 2012


WMC Fest Badge

Working on little badges for WMC Fest participants to add to their website

May 10, 2012


WMC Fest 2012 Flyer - back

The back of the 4x6 flyer that will be seen around northeast Ohio to help promote Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. For detail, click the attachment.

May 08, 2012


WMC Fest 2012 Flyer - front

The front of the 4x6 flyer that will be seen all over Northeast Ohio soon! See attachment for larger image.

May 08, 2012