June 18, 2013

Getting into our new signup process : ) Some new things im trying: • Incorporating photos to make things more friendly and fun • offset icon placement (to not interrupt the flow if reading) • Upward scrolling slides (reflected in the v...

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Better layout

May 30, 2013

Progress, thoughts?

New dashboard

May 20, 2013

Starting to design out our new dashboard! Any thoughts on the side nav? I wanted something that would work well on ipad.

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Web elements

May 10, 2013

Designing goes quick when you dont have to style. I'll be adding to this over time. What did I miss? : )

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Step by Step

May 08, 2013

Working on a new signup flow. @Ryan Munger did some DOPE css animation for this page!

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Photos - edit

May 02, 2013

Working on our website editing interface

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Responsive business profiles

May 01, 2013

Working on some responsive business profiles.

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Responsive Signup V1

March 15, 2013


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