Android Wearables Concept

June 16, 2014

Here is my Android Wearables Concept. I love the direction Google is heading, but I thought why not research and try something on my own. So I did some studies on colors, type readability and really put myself in the position of the co...

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Google Play music

March 19, 2014

Put into context of the smart watch, i really hope something similar happens. I love exercising with my phone providing audio but I hate pulling it out to change songs, especially when running or biking! cheers

Androidwear Music

March 19, 2014

My take on how controlling your audio from your future moto 360, on a moto 360 kick this morning! enjoy!

Moto360 weather face

March 19, 2014

My take on viewing the weather, a more simple approach, knowing that we want weather quick and easily, i went with a clean interface to make readability the top priority. thanks!