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December 24, 2018

An overview of a day before doctor start the practice. It keeps on updated, thanks to the receptionist app.

EMR - write the way you do on paper

December 18, 2018

Pulse was built to bring the consultation digital without changing the habit of doctors. Doctors are more comfortable over pen-paper than any software. UX and app have boosted the productivity of doctors by at least 20%. (Based on pilo...

Introducing Pulse

December 14, 2018

DocTalk started an application to connect doctor and patients via chat. Over the time we figured out it's not the problem healthcare is facing in India. So we today we are reshaping it as Pulse. Easiest EMR system on the earth. Same pa...

DocTalk Receptionist app

December 11, 2018

A few months back I worked on a design for DocTalk which was helping receptionist stay on top of queue management, clinic details, and other cool features. This is just a snippet of that project. I'll share more in the coming days.

Doctalk Index Page

November 20, 2018

A few months back I got a chance to work on a landing page for DocTalk. Target audience: Doctor with the age of 28yr - 65yr So readability, UX and holding them with wow factor was important. Check it live on www.getdoctalk.com Don't fo...

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Pulse - Easiest EMR for doctors on earth!

November 16, 2018

From a few months, I was working on some internal and core application with amazing people at Doctalk. Introducing Pulse, an EMR for Doctors. Created with doctors in mind. Usually, doctors are known to not adopting new changes as they ...

Additional Menu on DocTalk Patient Application

October 23, 2017

Additional menu design on DocTalk patient application. The intention is to give access to more options in one shot to the end users in a minimal way.

Doctor Dashboard

October 03, 2017

From past few months, I was working on amazing application for DocTalk (YC W17). Here's the sneak peak of dashboard I crafted for the doctors. Feedback and honest thoughts are highly appreciated. 🙌🏼