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by Justin Barr Young

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August 07, 2012

Hire shot

Flavorus is hiring!

Hello Jr. Designers out there on dribbble! Flavorus is now hiring a talented Web Designer. Check out some of the stuff we've been working on recently (Link 1...

July 06, 2012

V3 shot 1

Sneak peak #2

Another sneak peak. Really excited to see the new site launched. Here's the pricing page.

July 06, 2012

V3 shot 2

Sneak peak #1

Sneak peak of the huge Flavorus.com update I've been working on with @Nick Tilden, @Michael Lowell, and @Kit Warchol. A few of our new feature illustrations ...

July 06, 2012

War games shot

War games

One of 30+ illustrations for an upcoming project

June 21, 2012

Button tastic


June 15, 2012