Dashboard Storefronts

September 29, 2016

This is UI designed for the storefront section of the ThreadMeUp dashboard. In this page you can view the analytics of one (or all) of your storefronts, as well as adjust their settings and appearance. In the main, left-hand navigation,...

Dashboard Navigation

September 29, 2016

This is the seller dashboard nav redesign I was working on towards the end of the time at ThreadMeUp. In this design, I was trying to make sub-nav elements more readily available for our customers. To do this, I made sub-nav elements li...

ThreadMeUp Sales Page

September 19, 2016

The most important UI of entire ThreadMeUp platform: the sales page. This sure was a difficult one—I spent 75% of my time arguing not to 1-for-1 copy Teespring's sales page layout, and the other 25% A/B testing all the differences betwe...

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ThreadMeUp Homepage

September 18, 2016

Finally getting around to uploading the UI/UX work I did for ThreadMeUp. The homepage is probably the hardest project I had during my time with ThreadMeUp as it was the most sensitive to the entire team, all the way up to the executives...

Countdown Exploration

June 21, 2015

Working on some possible designs for our campaign countdown. This particular one use colors to indicate urgency. I'm leaning towards a simpler direction, though. Fun idea nonetheless.

Analytics, Time

June 16, 2015

Been a very, very long process, but finally nearing the end of the analytics portion of our Seller Dashboard design. I've been looking at conversion numbers, pie charts, and maps nonstop last month.