Marline Notifications

December 12, 2016

Marline since 3.0 version has notifications (rain, snow, tides alerts and weather / sea daily summary) I've done an interaction experiment with the time slider and I invite you to play with it and discover what is inside 'ASTRO' ;) I h...

Marline 2 QuickView

January 13, 2016

Marline 2.0 is out and the major new feature is check 7 days forecast. To access just swipe and scroll. Also included: - 24/12 clock - New Weather API (super precise) - Added falling stars! - Hourly weather more accurate - Search cu...

Marline themes

October 22, 2015

Marline has 16 themes combinations: Sunrise/clear, sunset/rain, night/rain, day/cloudy... Discover all and play with them: Download on the AppStore Now 50% off UPDATE: Submitted to AppStore 1.2 version with 3D Touch & bug fixes.

Marline night

Marline - Moon Calendar

September 03, 2015

Marline has Moon Calendar, just drag the moon to see it. Download on the AppStore Play with Marline :)

Marline water simulation

Marline - Water Simulation

September 02, 2015

My new app has tides info and you can play with the accelerometer to move the water and interact with the ball. Play with Marline :) Download on the AppStore Behance | Web

Marline is Available TODAY

September 01, 2015

Hi! I'm very happy to announce that Marline is available today! The app has tides, weather and moon info. I invite you to explore all little details. You push me to make 'Weather App' real, so thanks you very much for your support. P...

Weather App

September 09, 2014

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