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  1. 9 Sep
    Jason Wiener
    Commented on Frickin' Laser Beams

    effing hot!

  2. 5 Sep
    Jason Wiener
    Commented on Endomondo design concept

    very nice job. super clean. why separate the speed and HR? wouldn't it be more intuitive if they were overlayed? also, does endomondo offer cadence? because that'd also be useful in the chart.

  3. 1 Sep
    Jason Wiener
    Followed Heena.
  4. 29 Aug
    Jason Wiener
    Commented on Registration modal by Flatstudio

    Love the clean look! One question/comment/feedback. When people are registering, shouldn't the UX path be simply "register" and not also "customize." The metaphors are mixed with the ability to upload a pic while you're acquiring the new user. IMO that should be the first step right after the user has registered.