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  1. 9 Jun Jason Kendall Followed Brandon Land.
  2. 9 Jun Jason Kendall Commented on Process: Proof of Style by Brandon Land

    dem lips look juicy!

  3. 6 Jun Jason Kendall Followed Jenna Dixon.
  4. 23 May Jason Kendall Commented on 2018 FIFA World Cup Retro Posters | Germany by Studio–JQ

    The pattern is too distracting, it hurts my eyes.

  5. 18 May Jason Kendall Commented on Idklic poster by Jeremy Booth

    That's so dope, how long does an illustration like this take you?

  6. 18 May Jason Kendall Commented on Insuretech Agent Interface by Eric Hoffman for Reform Collective

    Hey nice work @Eric Hoffman

    One thing that's throwing me off though, is the "Client Activity" sub-title under client profile.

    If that grey background is going to stretch the entire length of the content area, it may be better suited broken out as another card with some vertical margin above.

    Kind of like this... https://snag.gy/RFkmT9.jpg

    Or remove the grey background and design the sub-tile to be like your main dashboard design.

  7. 8 May Jason Kendall Commented on Teletype for Atom by simurai for GitHub

    Love the retro feel!

  8. 7 May Jason Kendall Commented on Carnivorous Plant by Arthur B.

    "Feed me Seymour"...lol Nice shot!

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  10. 29 Apr Jason Kendall Dribbbled Help Center

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