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June 07, 2016

I'm proud to be a part of a collective of great designers and thinkers and explore the world of virtual reality UX. Over the last few years billions of dollars have been fueled into the VR industry and with devices like the HTC Vive, peo...

New project...

June 05, 2016

We've been working on something different lately and I'm excited to share it with you this week. For now, a small preview of some of the earlier branding we did for the project. Follow me to stay up to date!


Lightsaber Fun - HTC Vive

May 09, 2016

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!!! This weekend, Austin McCasland and I created this lightsaber VR environment. In the beginning, a single red ball is flying around waiting for you to hit it with your lightsaber. Once the ball is hit, it duplicate...

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