1. Money Clip money icon money clip
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    Money Clip
  2. Stopwatch stopwatch time tracking icon 512
    View Stopwatch
  3. Untitled 30px icons lock store preview bank floppy
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    Untitled 30px
  4. @2x cardboard toolbar retina icons 64 32@2x binder web preferences
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  5. Switch switch on off
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  6. Fun icons small chat games hot location
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  7. Untitled 120px icons translation stopwatch trash info
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    Untitled 120px
  8. Retina Toolbar Icons icons retina add colors inspector
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    Retina Toolbar Icons
  9. Medical Icons pharmacy medicine icons tooth calendar newspaper
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    Medical Icons
  10. iOS Icon ios iphone icon app icon time tracking
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    iOS Icon
  11. Sidebar Icons 16px sencha sidebar icons
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    Sidebar Icons
  12. Emoticons emoticons smileys 16px
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  13. Agenda Replacement Icon agenda iphone icon calendar
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    Agenda Replacement Icon
  14. To Do icons iphone retina green todo
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    To Do
  15. Badges icons badge save load trash
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  16. Monochrome Icons icons 32px monochrome
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    Monochrome Icons
  17. Paper Shredder shredder paper icon
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    Paper Shredder
  18. Lost & Found icon box lost and found
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    Lost & Found
  19. Luggage Tag icon luggage tag tag
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    Luggage Tag
  20. Wallet wallet cards icon
    View Wallet
  21. Passports passport icon
    View Passports
  22. Tab Bar Icons icons tab bar iphone
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    Tab Bar Icons
  23. Camera camera icon
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  24. ACD / iMac icons icon 64px cinema display imac
    View ACD / iMac
    ACD / iMac
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