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Gifture v.2 (revision 34,455,655,221,223,598)

Working on refreshing Gifture — how do you think its coming along?

September 20, 2012

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Gifture - Available on the App Store

After months of hard work, we're finally in the App Store. Had problems getting there but finally paid off. Would love to thank everyone for their continued ...

April 26, 2012



So, taking in all of your awesome advice I had another shot. It's not perfect, but it's getting there! Really agree with everyone on the simplicity. Looks mu...

April 08, 2012


Saturday Night Dribbblin'

Last dribbble of the night, time to head off and get a beer!

April 07, 2012


Another attempt...

This is probably my final attempt at designing an icon for Gifture. Right now, the β icon does nothing for the app. It's bland and has no connection with the...

April 07, 2012