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by James Fletcher smorrs.com

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Smorrs Co - Work Page v1

(This is v1 of the work page) Yo. We push pixels around. No, were not bully's we just find happiness in clicking those peons 'til they do what we want! Ma...

February 06, 2013

Smorrs Co - Team Page

While @Patrick was finishing up our new homepage for desktop, I was working out the team page like a boss. I Push Pixels Around. Okay, look, maybe I was misu...

February 05, 2013

Contact Page :: iPad

And this my friends, is a fresh new contact page I just finished working out. Also, sorry about all the mockups recently..don't hate. Made with the Smorrs ...

February 02, 2013

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Home Page :: iPad

@Patrick and I are finishing up working out the new responsive home page on iPad...clean, minimal and to the point. (full mockup) Made with the Smorrs Team

February 02, 2013

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