JAMBO The Belief of Isma'el by JAMBO

A little sketch to the teaser of the book "The Belief of Isma'el", written by the missionary Ismael #jambo_animation

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March 04, 2019

Once a long time ago, last summer, we were contacted by a man named Tod Polson. At first we did not attach much importance to this. But having googled down his name, we found out that this man is a very interesting person. He is already ...


Gif Pack

January 09, 2019

Hey everybody! We heartily congratulate you all on the New Year 2019! And we wish everyone to reach a new professional level this year. Remember, the main thing is not the number of completed projects, or even the amount of money earned...

Character searching

July 01, 2018

After long searching, here are just some poses of two formed characters

Sketch amp amp color

Sketch & Color

May 30, 2018

Our practice in character design is moving on.


May 21, 2018

Sketching day! Yeah!) #jambo_work

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It's a muslim design, boy

April 19, 2018

Searching for style / character design Will be animated. Soon.

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The Belief of Isma'el

April 16, 2018

Short scene with prayers and some backstage Toon Boom April, 2018 #jambo_animation


April 03, 2018

Rough sketching just to find right stylistic

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