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by Jakub Ptačin jakubptacin.com

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Eshop homepage for Poctivo

Full pixels attached. Thnkx to @Marek Levák for his browser.psd and Bestmadeco for cool pictures

November 28, 2012

Wisemice dribbble

WiseMice.org - World's Best Designers and their Gear

Hi there! My small personal project. Add your gear and share it with others on www.wisemice.org Enjoy and any feedback highly appreciated :)

May 03, 2012


My small project for all young designers :)

I came up with an idea yesterday so I've designed it and I hope it will be online in few days. Small site which will help young designers ;)

April 20, 2012


Drums & Design

Well, I play drums and I design shit so something new for my portfolio on Cargocollective

February 05, 2012