Works On My Machine

August 09, 2017

Concept for a new Dev Tees shirt design.

Model View Controller shirt concept

August 07, 2017

A fun idea for a new Dev Tees shirt that's a pun around the model view controller (MVC) software architecture methodology. Available on Amazon.

Typeface tee

November 17, 2015

Released the Typeface tee as part of the Dev Tees Fall 2015 Collection. This is the face I've drawn in brackets since I was in elementary school. This one is made up of the characters {, J, ., and ). UPDATE: I'm not longer selling this ...

Dev Tees Fall 2015 Collection

November 05, 2015

I just launched 10 new shirts available at for preorder now. Check 'em out.

Feature or bug?

October 25, 2015

Design for an upcoming Dev Tee t-shirt

Polygon Heart

January 12, 2015

Get the tee on Amazon.

Dev Tees Fall 2014 Collection

October 02, 2014

This week I launched the first new line of shirts to Dev Tees since the initial Kickstarter a year and a half ago. I've spent a lot of time on nights and weekends working on the artwork (and the new website) for this line. I hope you enj...

Always Be Shipping

September 25, 2014

Mad props to @seanwes and @marmaladebleue for giving me critical input on this one last week at Circles Conf. It's for Dev Tees.