GitHub Checks API user interface design

May 15, 2018

Last week GitHub launched the public beta of the Checks API. The API was designed and built by GitHub's own platform engineers Keavy McMinn, Katrina Owen, and Lizz Hale. I joined the team in December last year to help bring the featur...

"Pull Requests Welcome" hand painted sign

August 31, 2017

I hand painted this typographic illustration on a piece of glass using acrylic paint. It was originally going to be a t-shirt design, but we ended up using it as a tote bag screen print. It was screen printed by Babylon Burning in San F...

Repository license summary

August 30, 2017

Recently, I worked with Ben Balter to add a license summary to repositories with an open source license. Before the addition, repositories with an open source license didn't have any information about what the license implies for peopl...

Code Owners

July 07, 2017

Yesterday, we shipped a new way to manage code review on GitHub. Now repository maintainers can define exactly which people and teams need to review projects using code owners. This new feature automatically requests reviews from the c...

Team Review Requests

July 05, 2017

Last week we shipped Team Review Requests, which means you can now request a repository team for code review on your pull request. I did the product design strategy and execution for the feature, and my workflow engineering counterpart ...

GitHub Login and auth screens

December 12, 2015

Shipped a redesign of our login and authentication screens (Two Factor Auth, Reset Password, etc) that strips away the chrome and pushes the main action front and center. See attachment for the old version, and a couple of the other scre...

GitHub welcome email redesign

December 12, 2015

Recently created a new welcome email design that is a bit more welcoming and celebratory. It's also more clear what the action is that we'd like you to take (see attachment for the full thing).


November 16, 2015

Created an Octocat (she is the Welcometocat) to help welcome folks to GitHub. She was created for a fresh iteration of the welcome email you receive when signing up for GitHub. She started with a concept that I had, and a super rough sk...