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June 04, 2018

A mark concept for an executive talent search consultancy. The concept represents the way light is focused through a magnifying glass. Something searchy without being cliche. WIP

Krillin Thumbnails

March 13, 2018

working on that thumbnail game

Rise & Grind Logo Sketches

October 17, 2017

Some logotype sketches for a corporate cafe. Which one is your favorite?

Sale Lettering

October 12, 2017



October 09, 2017


October 06, 2017

A number nine for Typehue Week 36.

Chen Stormstout Lettering

September 12, 2017

Goodtype Tuesday lettering celebrating my favorite WoW character.

Frontline Logotype Details

August 23, 2017

Working out the details.

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