Marvelous Mom

May 13, 2019

Printable card for this year's Cratejoy Mother's Day campaign.

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October 03, 2018

Cratejoy turns Four!

Cratejoy Discovery Patch

July 06, 2018

Patches to celebrate team culture and self-discovery at Cratejoy. Excited to see them get made!

Hack to the Future!

May 17, 2018

A little DeLorean illustration for Cratejoy hackers. Cool direction and tagline from @Stu Smith. 🤙



May 11, 2018

CNC'ed O from the Cratejoy Mother's Day campaign, favorite out of the set. Illustrations in the letters are based on items in popular subscriptions boxes.

Drb momletters


May 07, 2018

Illustrated some letters and made printable Mother's day cards for Cratejoy subscription boxes. Check out these last-minute gifts. We also CNC'ed these into big three-dimensional blocks.

Crate Your Own Adventure

March 05, 2018

Worked with Cratejoy on a poster for their South by Southwest booth aka SXCJ. The art direction was centered around those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books since they'll be having a scavenger hunt. If you're in Austin be sure to check it...