Stranger Me

July 23, 2018

Strange things are afoot at the Blockbuster Video. Zoom for that home video goodness

Untitled 1


June 19, 2017

Finally getting somewhere with personal branding that I actually like. Still playing with colors, but whaddya think?

Count Jac-ula

October 07, 2016



Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

September 14, 2016

Every few months I revisit this personal mark from 4 years ago and make some updates. Now with more gradients! Also snugged things up and changed the shading a tad to make it look more like two Js fused together into an N. I’d love to h...


August 05, 2016

Sure the city may not be ready and the water’s full of human waste, but I’ll still be watching. At least it’ll take some news cycles away from the election, right? Right?

You Know What It Is

March 24, 2016

And a single-color version, for when chromatic restraint is on the menu.


New Year, New Face

March 14, 2016

Needed a refresh of the ol’ Muppet face. What do you think, frames or no frames?

Folio Flow

December 17, 2015

Just pulled the trigger on the new site, and it’s ready for your peepers. Take a look and send me a message with what you think! noahjacob.us