[Free PSD] Material Design - Settings with Tabs

August 01, 2014

happy long weekend (ontario, canada), grab another free one. DOWNLOAD NOW!!

[Free PSD] Material Design - Contact List with Search

July 30, 2014

Working on some stuff, go grab the psd. A little different but no less material.

Invoice UI [Free Download] [Illustrator]

May 17, 2014

Had to make one for myself, might as well give it out. Go download it, do whatever you want with it afterwards.

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Minimal Note Taking UI [Free PSD]

March 29, 2014

K so I like using evernote, but there's just too much going on at once -- I don't need to share notes, it's cool I can make notebooks but mostly I just need a fast, quick way to take notes. The whole interaction of starting a new note s...

Super Simple Landing Page [Free PSD]

February 21, 2014

mad simple, grab it anyway

Simple Profile [Free PSD]

February 20, 2014

An old mockup for a project I was working on... go grab it.

Flat Bank UI - FREE PSD

November 02, 2013

Really QUICK UI of a bank interface because the bank I use has a really messy and confusing UI. *cough* Green Bank.. you know who you are *cough* Download for free, do whatever, just don't sell. This is just a very rough estimate, not r...

Grayscale Ui Kit (Free PSD)

October 20, 2013

Happy sunday. Here's an *almost* grayscale UI kit. Do whatever you like, just don't sell it. Fun with opacity. It's mostly black and white and/or shades of gray with varying opacities. There is a minimal use of color. Check it out on v...