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  1. A rock & roll band that makes music for their best friends. Based out of Barrie Ontario, these guys pack a punch and aren't afraid to strip things down.
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    Updated May 25, 2016
    1. Thain Creative is focused on creating brands that work. We are basing our web creation efforts on the Squarespace 6 platform, trying to help small business.
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      Updated April 13, 2014
      1. The Red Koi is a badass tattoo parlour located in my city. I just loved their vibe. I'm going to be re-designing their website and making some beautiful stuff!
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        Updated May 29, 2013
        1. An up-and-coming rock & roll band from the little city of Barrie.
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          Updated February 25, 2013
          1. I want to design software.
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            Updated October 04, 2012
            1. Designs for shirts and stuff.
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              Updated August 31, 2012