August 29, 2012

An alert to capture failed upload of posts.

Bubbly hp redesign

Bubbly Home Page Redesign

March 07, 2012

Working on the redesign for the bubbly home page.

Bubbly icon dribbble

Bubbly Icon

February 20, 2012

Icon for an upcoming app, based on the original logo by @ALL4LEO

Rec audio

Record Audio

August 17, 2011

Recording screen for our new app.

Dev build icon

Dev Build Icon

August 03, 2011

The icon we were using for the development builds has been irritating me, so made this. Download in all resolutions available - http://n4v.in/8zFX

Feed option alt2

New Post - alt

July 20, 2011

Still experimenting with different options to create content. This takes away one click but takes up screen estate (and exposes options)

Post popup

New Post

July 19, 2011

Experimenting with different ways of giving the option to create content.

Error popup sample

Error Popup Sample

June 30, 2011

Trying out custom error messages - mostly to take a break from what I was doing ...