Amzn motion

Amazon Motion

October 05, 2016

Amazon has a surprising amount of interactive elements in use on their site and mobile app; and as JavaScript and browser performance continues to improve, this will continue to be a growing reality across the web. Perhaps that's part ...

Wired Up

May 18, 2016

These were part of a large set of wireframes I made for envisioning how Dash would work on the main Amazon website (Dash was previously restricted to just the Amazon Fresh website). I made these with Illustrator at a 1:1 px ratio due to ...


May 17, 2016

To set up Dash with an iPhone, you have to point the phone's bottom speakers towards Dash's microphone... literally. How do you communicate that effectively so that the user doesn't have to wait a full 30 seconds to find out that the dev...

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Dash Art

April 26, 2016

This was one of the few photo shoots we did for Dash. Given our tight budget (read: no money for photography), I took it on myself to update our photo catalogue. While I'm no photographer, I felt content with the results. Goals for the...

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Complexly Simple

April 26, 2016

More often than not, the simplest experiences are the most difficult to design and spec— and that difficulty increases 10x when hardware is involved. For Dash, we needed to redesign the setup experience to take advantage of some new hard...


November 03, 2014

Excited to announce, that I've officially joined the team behind Amazon's newest IoT smart object, Dash! It's an incredible opportunity to literally redefine how millions of people buy their groceries on a day-to-day basis. One of my fi...