Scrunch ios

(fixed) SocialCrunch iOS animated presentation

August 25, 2014

NOTE: I had to delete the original and upload a fixed file cause the original was messed up. So this is just an app design I did last summer and made a little animated presentation to show off the general idea and provide some nice conc...

Full User Profile - SocialCrunch

September 09, 2013

Last SocialCrunch shot I promise :P I'm about to start a side project without an NDA (finally!) so I can post something new soon.

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SocialCrunch Questions

September 09, 2013

Wanted to try a new dribbble format, and decided to present the SocialCrunch homepage, where all the action happens. This is where users engage with the data-collecting game.

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SocialCrunch characteristics compare

August 12, 2013

Full pixels attached. Many answers reveal a tiny bit of information about the user's characteristics, and when enough answers are given, the profile page displays where they stand in various spectrums in relation to different groups of p...

Question Results - SocialCrunch iOS app

August 08, 2013

Sorry for the use of placeit, my own photos were all just so dark, I also included a real pixels attachment. Anyways, this shows off the answered state of a question, where you can view results and compare them by demographic.

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