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  1. 23 Nov Pro
    Isaac Paavola
    Commented on New portfolio is up

    Still in progress but yeah I love it, props for going a more distinct direction than the norm these days.

  2. 7 Nov Pro
    Isaac Paavola
    Commented on Deceitful Donald

    I love the whole general concept, the funny theme/design, and obviously the content 😂 But I feel like most of the visitors won't get to appreciate hardly any of it and quickly bounce after being super confused immediately after the 'track his lies' CTA. I mean nothing can be scrolled at all and the navigation you have to use is nearly invisible, it's like camouflaged as a decorative/non-interactive footer area.

    Maybe make the active state/indicator really visually prominent/obvious, so the others are clearly inactive clickable elements? Or even just allowing for scrolling up/down to browse to the next/prev lies itself should alleviate this a lot. Anyways hope my feedback isn't already useless at this point 😅 sorry