12 Shots + 2 Attachments

Creative Clash Principal Cards

Each Principal has a special ability and becomes your persona during the game. He or she also defines your Ego goal. Reach your Ego goal first and you’re the...

November 08, 2014

Creative Clash Stuff Cards

Plain and simple, Stuff is all about Ego. Spend your hard-earned Coins on Stuff to quickly reach your Ego goal. Get your own copy of the game at www.creative...

November 08, 2014

Creative Clash Person Cards

Persons offer special bonuses to your Studio or suddenly appear to cause mayhem on an unsuspecting player. Some Persons are played right away, others are fre...

November 08, 2014

Creative Clash Events

Events represent the often bizarre things that occur in the typical creative agency. These are lively attack and defense cards. Play at your own risk! Visit ...

November 07, 2014

Creative Clash Experts

Experts are a special kind of Employee. They function just like Employees, except that each Expert permanently has a Skill associated with them. www.creative...

November 07, 2014

Creative Clash The Game

A game of satire for 2-5 players Hire Employees, complete Projects, buy great Stuff and sabotage your competitors to win the greatest glory. www.creativeclas...

November 07, 2014

Creative Clash Homepage

Creative Clash is the first ‪‎board game‬ made specifically with the ‎design‬ community in mind! Challenge your friends for fame and fortune in a humorous ba...

November 07, 2014

Creative Clash

We've been working here at The Infantree on some more illustrations for our card game, Creative Clash. Check out the facebook page for updates. facebook.com/...

February 05, 2014

About This Project

Creative Clash is a card game for 2-4 players. It's a humorous commentary on the unpredictable events of the creative industry