Flavorus Mobile Purchase Update

October 29, 2014

Really excited for the work that @Marisa Lorion and I did on updating the customer purchase flow on mobile. Should really improve the conversion rate on mobile.

Account Dropdown

February 13, 2014

The flow for changing accounts has been something that was bothering me for a while and I finally got around to fixing it. Switching from you customer account to your client account to sell tickets just got much easier.

New Flavorsu Home Page

February 13, 2014

We launched the new, more event focused Flavorus home page and redesigned marketing pages a couple days ago. This was a collaborative effort between the product team and the marketing team. I'm lucky to work with such talented and hard w...

Flavorus Labs Logo

August 21, 2013

Fun logo for an internal email blast for the product team.

Event Dashboard

July 30, 2013

We sell tickets, and design everything that goes along with that.

Flavours Box Office Reserved

July 04, 2013

More box office shots. Here's a look at our reserved seating functionality. Super flexible and easy to use. Thanks for the help on this @Kit Warchol, it turned out awesome.

Flavours Box Office Sell Tickets

July 04, 2013

New box office that we've been working on for a while. Focused on large clickable areas that will work well from desktop to iPad. Along with a design update, we added ton's of features as well.

Hire shot

Now Hiring

July 06, 2012

Flavorus is now hiring a talented Web Designer. For more information, please visit our Careers page. Check out some of the stuff we've been working on recently (Link 1, Link 2)