Product view

July 30, 2018

Hi everyone! I really liked the Audio Pro website, and I wanted to mix it up a little and image a single page version of their webshop product view. Hope you like it!


Social share button animation

July 27, 2018

Hi! This is my new shot at DailyUI - this is social share button. I wanted to create a nice fluid introduction for it. Press "L" if you like it :D


Upload fail interaction

July 26, 2018

Hi! This is my new interaction for upload / flash message. I like this one because of the little angry shake that the progress bar does just before throwing an error :) Hope you like it too!


Music player

July 24, 2018

Hi! I've been playing around a little bit more with interactions and animations, and this is the result :) Music player app with track loading interaction. Hope you like it!

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404 Broken Neon

July 20, 2018

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a concept for a 404 error page. The idea is to show a neon sign, which is broken so it's turning on and off all the time :) Hope you like it!

Balance settings

July 19, 2018

Hello everyone! I want to share with you a concept for settings view and quickview widget for Balance - friendly finance manager app :) Let me know what you think and please press L if you like it!

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User profile

July 17, 2018

Hi! This is a rebound of a lifted motion animation for user profile, earlier version had some problems ( thank you @Patryk Pustol ). Hope this one is better :) Please press L if you like or leave a comment :)

app icon

July 16, 2018

Hi! This is another shot for DailyUI, this one is an app icon concept. Hope you like this one!

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