Mobile UI - Task Card Colors

January 07, 2020

Hi everyone, I've been having a lot of fun working on these color concepts! Here are some updates for the collapsed and expanded views. Check out the attachment for a larger more detailed view. Thanks for looking and happy 2020!

Goals and Tasks - Mobile UI Cards

January 01, 2020

Happy new year, everyone! - Having some fun with these Mobile Goal/Task Cards more updates soon! Thanks for looking!

Sunday Fun - Sketch Fun V2

August 11, 2019

Having some fun with an older shot! Thanks for taking a look!

Artist Dashboard - Mobile - V3

July 01, 2019

Sorry for the re-post, had to fix some spelling errors that were bugging me! This is a concept artist dashboard platform providing users with insights into their revenue, streaming, audience and more. More updates soon, thanks for lo...

Web Graphics A

April 16, 2018

website graphics iterations

Crypto Token Sale 3

March 01, 2018

* just for fun visual project * * check out full version attached * * more updates soon *

Crypto Token Sale 2

February 28, 2018

This is conceptual and just for fun! A crypto token sale design that I am still working on. Exploring different shadows, font treatment, colors and patterns. I am continuing to iterate on these screens and will have more to show soon! ...

Crypto Token Sale

February 20, 2018

Working on a few token sale concepts! More updates to come!